Book Chronology


A Chronology of Bruce Berger’s Published Books

  • Hangin’ On : Gordon Snidow Portrays the Cowboy Heritage ; Northland Press, 1980
  • Notes of a Half-Aspenite : Ashley & Associates, 1987
  • A Dazzle of Hummingbirds : Blake Publishing, 1989
  • The Telling Distance: Conversations with the American Desert : Breitenbush Books, 1990; Anchor /Doubleday, 1991; The University of Arizona Press, 1997
  • There Was A River : The University of Arizona Press, 1994
  • Facing the Music : Confluence Press, 1995
  • Almost an Island : The University of Arizona Press, 1998
  • Sierra, Sea and Desert : El Vizcaíno Agrupación Sierra Madre, 1998
  • Music in the Mountains : Johnson Books, 2001
  • The Complete Half-Aspenite : WHO Press, 2005
  • Oasis of Stone : Visions of Baja California Sur,  in collaboration with photographer Miguel Ángel de la Cueva, Sunbelt Books, 2006
  • La Giganta y Guadalupe :with co-author Exequiel Ezcurra and photographer Miguel Ángel de la Cueva, Niparajá, A. C., 2010
  • Aspen Music Festival: The First Fifty Years (revised and reissued)
  • Facing the Music, Conundrum Press, 2014

Books-End-of-the-SherryNew! The End of the Sherry
Available in paperback and hardcover,
Aequitas Books, New York, 2014




Facing_the_Music_02 Facing the Music, poems
Reissued and revised
Conundrum Press, 2014
Music_in_mountains_02 The First Fifty Years: The Aspen Music Festival
Reissued and revised with a new introduction
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