Those interested in Bruce Berger´s writings may be interested in the following links:
La Paz-based environmental nonprofit, of which the author is the scribbling board member, dedicated to the preservation of the ecosystems and cultural heritage of Baja California Sur. It´s foremost project is conservation of the last stretch of unroaded coast, as described in the final chapter of Almost an Island.
San Diego-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting Baja California organizations and communities in preserving the peninsula´s natural environment.
Environmental nonprofit dedicated to protecting coastal ecosystems in Latin America.
Website and blog of Catherine M. Mayo, author of Miraculous Air, a south-to-north contemporary survey of Baja California, and Mexico: A Traveler´s Literary Companion, an anthology of recent Mexican literature in English translation.
Baja California´s leading on-site distributor of books about the peninsula.
Publisher and distributor of books about the three Californias, including Oasis of Stone.
The University of Arizona Press, specializing in literature of the American Southwest and Mexico, as well as Native American and Chicano poetry and fiction; publisher of Almost an IslandThere Was a River and the third editon of The Telling Distance.
Agrupación Sierra Madre is a Mexico City-based nonprofit dedicated to uniting nonprofits with the private and academic sectors for the conservation of endangered habitats. It is also the publisher of lavish books combining text and photography, including Sierra, Sea and Desert: El Vizcaíno, Baja California, available in English and Spanish editions.
WHO Press, publisher of nature studies and guidebooks as well as that literary anomaly, The Complete Half-Aspenite.
The leading organization dedicated to preservation of the slickrock country of southeast Utah, setting of many of the essays in The Telling Distance and There Was a River and, more significantly, locus of many of the author´s most ecstatic moments.
An organization, of which the author has been a cheerleading advisory board member, dedicated to the draining of Lake Powell and restoration of Glen Canyon as described in There Was a River.
Tiger Bark Press is a new press focusing on high quality poetry, with occasional forays into the realms of literary criticism and non-fiction.