The Telling Distance

Winner of the Western States Book Award for Creative Nonfiction.

“Nothing is so hard to see as the great seeming emptiness of deserts. It is difficult for us to imagine connecting to the uninhabited enormity of such space. The job that Bruce Berger undertakes in The Telling Distance is that of encouraging us to love our deserts in their most forbidding aspects, and through them our own fragile communities and ourselves. As Berger says, we are the oasis we seek. This book is beautifully, precisely SAID.”

Jury Panel: N. Scott Momaday, Elizabeth Hardwick, William Kittredge, and Jorie Graham.The_Telling_Distance_Cover_02

“Berger takes his place with Annie Dillard and Barry Lopez.”
 – Denver Post

“This volume belongs on the shelf with all great desert literature.”
 – Booklist

“The ‘telling distance’ is not only between the observer and observed but between an author and his material – a distance that Berger in nearly every essay, masterfully surveys.”
 – The Kansas Star

Fifty essays on the intersection of nature and culture in a desert setting, distilled from twelve years of writing, and focusing on such subjects as the humor and psychology of camping, desert architecture, mountaintop astronomy, designer deserts, birding, detritis, and Bach in the wilderness.